HGH-X2 Vs Provacyl: Which One Should You Buy?

HGH-X2 vs Provacyl – Which one is best for your HGH Cycle?

HGH-X2 vs Provacyl – Comparison review on Best HGH Pills of 2021 That Work!

HGH cycle is showing a plethora of before and after benefits that are perfect for bodybuilding.

Results for HGH for men have shown that muscle building supplements without a touch of hGH is incomplete. To give your most efforts at the gym it is important to have the power of two main hormones.

  • Testosterone
  • Human Growth Hormones

Naturally, the body secretes HGH and Testosterone on the same level until in men’s 40. After which it is much deficient and somethings like erectile dysfunction with loss of muscle mass comes quite naturally.

As bodybuilding is turning men into monsters, they must stay honest in terms of diet and nutrition. 

HGH-X2 and Provacyl change the sequence of HGH supplement and testosterone boosters.

The deficiency of HGH in people leads to many health problems, one of which is the loss of muscle mass and sexual functioning.

Aside from the HGH-X2 Vs Provacyl comparison, we will tell the readers which supplements are best for HGH results, bodybuilding, and to become an ultimate man. 

Growth Hormone Functions

The first thing that comes to your mind is getting older rapidly once the levels of HGH decreases in your system.

Just because of the low levels of hGH and Testosterone, you don’t have to feel old or unattractive.

boost hgh levels in men

Supplements to boost HGH are designed to give you a holistic approach when it comes to boosting HGH naturally. 

The main function of HGH boosters is to enhance the biological function of those glands that secrete HGH, testosterone, and other essential hormones for the body.

This will delay the process of aging, quit losing muscle mass, and gives you proper energy supply. 

Male Menopause or Andropause is the common term circling these days.

The condition defines the lowered HGH and Testosterone in men that is associated with many physical and mental deformities. To rectify this condition, HGH boosters or testosterone supplements are given. 

HGH-X2 Vs Provacyl Review

HGH-x2 review


Here is another exciting growth hormone booster that has been used by bodybuilders for a long time. 

HGH-X2 is a crazy bulk product that has got its name enlisted in the legal steroids recently. The supplement has much nutritional value for men going through Andropause

HGH-X2 is designed to gain the power of the muscles that you have developed at the gym. There is more to this supplement than claims, the natural ingredients can bring those masculine moments back again. 

HGH-X2 Benefits

  • Lean muscles growth
  • Increases muscle to fat ratio
  • Fat loss
  • Faster recovery
Provacyl review


Provacyl is the best HGH booster and testosterone supplement that claims to increase t-levels by 60%.

It is the ultimate tool for Male Menopause which is dragging men down on daily basis. Inability to perform multi-tasking or any physical task? Provacyl is the first supplement with ZMA complex. 

It means Zinc, Monomethiodine-Aspartate (Combination of Zinc, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium). The unique complex in Provacyl apart from multiple ingredients helps men to reverse or smoothen the aging process.

Provacyl use is recommended for bodybuilders who are currently experiencing low human growth hormones level in their body due to which forming dense muscle mass seems impossible. 

Good news! Provacyl serves men going through andropause as well as bodybuilders who have complaints about low energy. 

Provacyl Benefits

Scientifically proven, the daily regimen of natural HGH Booster has the following benefits. 

  • Addition of extra lean muscle mass with no fats
  • Intensify the performance, mental and physical
  • Amazing libido (Sex Drive)
  • Complete eradication of erectile dysfunction
  • Slows the aging process by diminishing wrinkles and skin dryness
  • Much improved texture of skin and hair
  • Supports weight loss if used with exercise

Ingredients in HGH Supplements

hgh pills formula for boost human growth hormones

Buying any Growth Hormone booster is very easy and cheap, but you got to understand a few points before buying.

Always assess the ingredients, method of mechanism, and clinical safety before choosing from the best HGH boosters online. 

There is a very simple argument about choosing Provacyl over HGH-X2 which we are going to discuss in the latter part of this article. 

Provacyl Ingredients

What amazes us about Provacyl is the heap of HGH boosting ingredients to which we have plenty of scientific evidence available. Not only that, the Provacyl formula has been acknowledged by the world health experts which puts the quality over price. 

Here is what Provacyl incredible HGH boosting formula offer to the users. 

  • L-Glutamine 60mg
  • L-Arginine 120mg
  • L-Lysine 
  • L-Glycine 
  • L-Tyrosine 
  • Gaba
  • Muira Pauma
  • Ginkgo Biloba 
  • Chaste Berry 
  • Acai Fruit 
  • Panax Ginseng 
  • Pollen 40mg
  • Long Jack (Tongkat) 25mg
  • Soy Phytosterol Complex 25mg
  • Anterior Pituitary 30mg
  • DHEA
  • Hypothalamus
HGH-X2 Ingredients

Whereas, HGH-X2 in comparison took their formula lightly, here is what you will find in the supplement. 

  • Maca Root
  • Hawthorn Berry Extract
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • L-Arginine

Anyone with a little piece of advanced mind would differ between the efficacy of Provacyl and HGH-X2 by looking at the ingredients. 

Why Choosing Provacyl for Complete Growth Hormone Function?

why choosing provacyl supplements for men

The first reason for choosing Provacyl as the best HGH supplement is clinical efficacy. 

  • Many HGH boosters claim to fit under the clinical profile but only a few of them are eligible to be used. Provacyl within such a user-friendly price becomes valuable than most HGH injections. Provacyl formula dominates over another HGH booster in terms of clinical safety and efficacy. Different studies on various subjects available on the official site of Provacyl where they discuss the formula thoroughly and how they are beneficial to fulfill the HGH and Testosterone requirements in men. Many clinical studies on Provacyl show the spectacular combination of HGH boosting ingredients has a significant effect on HGH levels. Provacyl was tried by a group of the football team who within 2 months experienced a vivid increase in HGH and Testosterone levels. 
  • Provacyl is the common solution for HGH deficiency in both adults and older people. You don’t have to apply for HGH injections that are available only on prescription, getting those will be hefty and cost you thousands of dollars in the end. The capsules work for delivering unlimited benefits that aim to boost muscle mass and libido in men. Secondly, it battles those factors which are the contributors to the aging process. You can see the progression of aging has been halted and restored to the normal HGH and T-levels. Whether you are an athlete, bodybuilder, or a simple man with testosterone deficiency due to age, Provacyl can be used for multiple purposes and hence regarded as a multi-functional HGH supplement. 
  • Provacyl and HGH-X2 are risk-free HGH boosters that offer a money-back guarantee to the users. It’s always good to know that your cash is in safe hands even if the supplement doesn’t work. With Provacyl you could get the refund if you just ring their number and claim refund policy. Crazy Bulk staff has been a little sluggish in this matter as they did not respond to many customers according to whom they haven’t got any benefits as mentioned. This will certainly bring the product’s image to the ground as many user reviews are based on either results or how the company treated them. 

Provacyl has over 15 ingredients while HGH-X2 is stuck with 4 ingredients, but still charging as much as Provacyl. 

The price for both HGH boosters on the official platform is $59.99 on which certain savings can also be applied. 

Provacyl offers discounts and money-saving offers like if you purchase 12 months’ supply you can save up to $388.95.

They also have an offer for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months offer. HGH-X2 has no discounts or packages that customers will find unique. 

Summary – Should It Be Provacyl or HGH-X2?

Order Provacyl online
Provacyl is REAL WINNER!

We can’t negate the efficacy of 15 remarkable and scientifically proven ingredients to the formula which has only 4. You could see the dosage of every Provacyl ingredient is mentioned on the official website with a detailed clinical analysis of every ingredient. 

One of their charming ingredient for HGH boost is Hypothalamus, the extract itself turns on the hypothalamus in the brain from which the HGH cycle gets its start. 

But again, based on ingredients, clinical safety, customer reviews, price, and customer staff, we would say buying Provacyl is way beneficial than spending money on HGH-X2. 

Provacyl formula has got multiple effects whereas HGH-X2 is simply to be used in the bodybuilding field only. 

Provacyl raises HGH and Testosterone in men, whereas HGH-X2 only looks after HGH. 

Complications with natural HGH boosters are none, so we would let it slide. But again, Provacyl has got more studies on the ingredients as well as on the test subjects than HGH-X2 and any top HGH supplement in the market combined.